Incredible Blizzard Time Lapse & heavy blowing snow from Lagrange, NY – 3/14/2017

Several full-storm timelapse sequences from Lagrange NY, which received 16-18" of snow. Also, shots of wind-blown snow while traveling, stuck vehicles and people using snow blowers.
Shot Description

SHOT 1: Timelapse of snow piling up on a vehicle.
SHOT 2: Timelapse of snow piling up on a deck with furniture.
SHOT 3: Timelapse of snow piling up on patio furniture.
SHOT 4: Intense wind-blown snow envelops the road, leading to whiteout conditions while driving.
SHOT 5: A snow plow truck stuck on the side of the road.
SHOT 6 & 7: A person clearing a path through 18" snow with a snow blower during blizzard conditions.
SHOT 8 & 9: Wide and tight shots following a snow plow truck.
SHOT 10: Driving over the Mid-Hudson Bridge during blizzard conditions.
SHOT 11: Cars buried under 18" of snow.