Clarksburg, MD Roads Crew Clearing Snow – 3/14/2017

Road crews work through blizzard conditions to clear I-270 and other roads in far northern suburbs of Washington, D.C.
Shot Description

1-18 Plow trucks lead a group of vehicles southbound on I-270
18-24 Vehicles traveling down I-270
24-36 Two plow trucks clear snow
36-44 Plow truck drives by
44-49 Car peels out struggling to get traction
49-52 Snow plow drives by
52-59 Snow plow drives by
100-111 Bulldozer loads salt and sand mixture into snow plow truck
111-121 Cars travel slowly on I-270
121-127 Snow and graupel falls on overpass
127-133 Medium locator of I-270 sign
133-138 Tight locator of I-270 sign