Southern, IL Overnight Strong Storms 4K – 3/7/2017

A long-lived squall line raced across Missouri and impacted southern Illinois during the overnight hours Tuesday morning dumping upwards of an inch of rain in 20 minutes along with gusty winds that caused some minor damage to areas hard hit by tornadoes last week. Tornado watches were issued for parts of southern Illinois overnight Monday into Tuesday morning.
Shot Description


Scene 1: Intense shot of high winds and heavy rains blowing across a parking lot.

Scene 2: Shot of heavy and blowing rain in street lights.

Scene 3: Heavy wind-blown rain blowing across parking lot.

Scene 4: POV shot out windshield as wind blown rains blow through already budding trees.

Scene 5: Shot of rain blowing through street light.

Scene 6: POV driving shot in Du Quoin as heavy rains fall, limiting visibility.

Scene 7: Person struggles through door at a convenience store due to wind.


Scene 8-9: In Elkville: Home damaged by last week's tornado had the wind partially blow off a tarp that was covering the damaged roof. Shots of that tarp hanging down the side of the house.

Scene 10: In Dowell: Ballpark sign pushed down due to high winds.

Scene 11-12: In Desoto: Two shots, wide and tight, of a tree that came down on the side of the highway. Some fresh debris littering the pavement.

Scene 13: In Desoto: A Highway 51 street sign laying in the grass, knocked down in the storms.

Scene 14: In Desoto: A street barricade sign knocked to the ground.


Scene 15: POV driving shot into Carbondale in the heavy rain with the city limits sign passing.

Scene 16: POV driving shot in town as heavy rains fall.

Scene 17: Oncoming pickup truck drives through standing water on the road.

Scene 18: A car drives through standing water on the road.

Scene 19: Pickup truck driving through standing water.

Scene 20: A couple with an umbrella steps through some of the standing water.

Scene 21: Water flowing over the road.