Smithville – Plattsburg, MO Tornado Damage & SOT – 3/6/2017

A significant tornado tracked from between Smithville and Trimble, MO to south of Plattsburg and west of Lathrop.

Interviews were conducted with a first responder and a tornado victim who was home during time of impact

The packaged also included shots from a tractor trailer that was blown over in the same storm system north of the Kansas City airport at the Intersection of I-29 and I-435
Shot Description

Shot 1- Damaged house wide shot
Shot 2- Side view of home
Shot 3- Inside bedroom window of tornado victim
Shot 4- Tight shot of bedroom window
Shot 5- Board blown through side of house
Shot 6- Barn destroyed wide
Shot 7- Barn destroyed tight
Shot 8- Cat emerging from rubble
Shot 9- siding of destroyed home
Shot 10- Destroyed home front
Shot 11 -Blown out window
Shot 12- glass on bed
Shot 13- Firetruck at tornado damage
Shot 14- Tree on power lines
Shot 15- Fire Chief Interview
Shot 16- Tornado victim interview
Shot 17- Tractor trailer roll over wide
Shot 18- Tractor trailer roll over wide
Shot 19- Tractor trailer roll over tight
Shot 20- Ambulance responding to truck roll over