Central, MN Large Hail And Severe Storm Damage – 3/9/2017

Breaking Video Footage of the Rare early Severe Storms in East Central Minnesota as they occurred with Golf ball Sized hail ripping into the muddy ground as well as severe Damage to Buildings and Trees and Power Poles Snapped off like toothpick in Orrock, Minnesota after a possible Tornado Touched Down or Perhaps Straight Line Winds.
Shot Description

1. Severe Storm leading edge racing east near Monticello Minnesota with Lightning.

2. Rotating Wall Cloud on notch in Storm near Buffalo Minnesota and lightning and hail in background.

3. Large Damaging Hail stones piling up where snow had just melted in Buffalo Minnesota.

4. Large Hail and Blinding winds slam into the side of a Church.

5. Driving in Golfball Hail POV.

6. Driving in Large Hail and Blinding Rainfall.

7. Massive Pine Trees uprooted and snapped off over a Minnesota state Highway near Zimmerman.

8. Emergency Crews responding to the scene of severe storm damage with trees over the road.

9. 12 Power poles snapped off in the same direction near Orrock MN.

10. INTERVIEW with Orrock Resident who's house and barn were heavily damaged by a possible tornado! Detailed Interview.

11. Police and Rescue crews rush to scene were they are doing search and rescue in houses in a hard hit area.

12. Barn Tin twisted and wrapped up into a tree and power line.

13. Trees down across major roadway with Lightning at dark.