Perryville, MO Tornado And Damage – 2/28/2017

Damaging night time tornado illuminated by transformer explosions. Storm chasers witness complete destruction of a home just a few hundred feet from where they had positioned.

Shot Description

Scene 1: Power flashes illuminating cone-wedge tornado
Scene 2: Escaping outer circulation of tornado
Scene 3: Driving up to destroyed home
Scene 4: Walking up to destroyed home, people within basement with complete house removed from foundation
Scene 5: Damage to trees and grain silos, shredded trees, debris
Scene 6: People going through belongings in home removed from foundation
Scene 7-12: Debris, likely remains of house from across State highway 51
Scene 13: Police working on the scene of the tornado's damage path
Scene 14: Woman searching for belongings in house debris
Scene 15: House debris along state Highway 51 along with damaged grain silos