Ava & Vergennes, IL Afterdark Tornado Power Flash & Storm Damage – 2/28/2017

Destructive tornado that moved over Perryville, Missouri crossed the river into Illinois and did significant damage from Ava to Elkville, blocking several roads and destroying homes.

Video shot on south side of Vergennes, pronounced Ver-Jenns

Vergennes is in northern Jackson County about an hour north of Cape Girardeau, MO (east of Perryville, MO)

Shot Description

Scenes 1-3: Video of power flashes illuminating tornado with NAT sound of camera man narrating as tornado crossed half a mile to his north.

Scene 4: POV driving shot as RFD from tornado slams into highway, chaser flipping around to retreat.

Scene 5: POV dash camera shot of destroyed home on Rt 127 on south side of Vergennes.

Scene 6-7: Shots of destroyed home and debris blocking the highway.

Scene 8: Video of large red truck flipped on its side.

Scene 9: Shot of numerous vehicles on Rt 127 that were stopped due to debris.

Scene 10: Shot of destroyed home

Scene 11: Panning shot of destroyed home to highway.

Scene 12: Walking shot recording SOT of conversation between camera man and witness. Unidentified man.

Scene 13: Propane tank in ditch spewing gas with excellent NAT sound.

Scene 14: Shot of destroyed home in headlights.

Scene 15-17: Various shots of blocked traffic getting around a down power pole on the roadway.