Rosendale, NY Heavy Snow & Interstate 84 accidents – 2/12/2017

Cars that had slid off the road with police assistance on I-84. Plus, video from the small town of Rosendale, in the Mid-Hudson Valley of NY. Shots of a bicyclist in the snow, snow plows, people shoveling, and some scenics of heavy snow falling over a creek.
Shot Description

SHOT 1 & 2: Tight shot & drive-by of a car that slid off I-84, with a tow truck assisting.
SHOT 3: Drive-by shot of a Jeep that slid off the road into a ditch on I-84.
SHOT 4: A police officer pulls off I-84 to assist a car that slid into a snow bank.
SHOT 5: A police vehicle with lights flashing driving down a snowy I-84.
SHOT 6: A cyclist riding down a snowy road in Rosendale NY.
SHOT 7 & 8: Snow plows clearing the road during heavy snow.
SHOT 9 & 10: Telephoto & wide shots of a man shoveling snow in Rosendale NY.
SHOT 11: A man clearing off his car.
SHOT 12: A man walking his dog in heavy snow.
SHOT 13: A man shoveling snow from a business.
SHOT 14: A car and a snow plow drive by during heavy snow.
SHOT 15: Two girls walking side by side during heavy snow.
SHOT 16 & 17: Scenic shot of the Rondout Creek & Rosendale Trestle.
SHOT 18: Wide shot of a man clearing snow off his vehicle.