Oklahoma City, OK – Extreme Wild Fires – 2/12/2017

Video shows an intense and destructive wildfire moving through populated areas of southeastern Oklahoma City. Some clips show incredibly the fast moving, extremely dangerous nature of the fire as it races across a road and field.
Shot Description

Clip 1 Smoke rising over a field as the camera pans left towards emergency personnel down the road.

Clip 2 Intense footage of the fire crossing the roadway 149th and Sooner Road.

Clip 3 Fire racing across the field.

Clip 4 Fire crews arriving on the scene to block the road.

Clip 5 Fire dangerously close to a propane tank.

Clip 6 Fire burning in the tree's near a home. The fire is taller then the tree's.

Clip 7 Wide shot of the fire and the homes as something explodes in the distance and shoots up black smoke.

Clip 8 people stopping to turn around as the fire blocks their route.

Clip 9 Tighter shot of the fire behind the homes as something exploded that sent up black smoke.

Clip 10 Fire in the Ditch.

Clip 11 Edge of a field on fire.

Clip 12 Chopper carrying water overhead.

Clip 13 Pan of the edge of the field on fire.