Poughkeepsie, NY heavy snow – 2/9/2017

Heavy snowfall in southeast NY State near Poughkeepsie, focusing on difficult travel conditions, traffic, plows, people walking/shoveling.
Shot Description

SHOT 1 & 2: A person trudging through the snow in near whiteout conditions.
SHOT 3: A person shoveling during heavy blowing snow.
SHOT 4: Interstate 84 traffic during heavy snow, shot from an overpass.
SHOT 5: Driving down the Taconic State Parkway during rush hour. Nobody else on the road.
SHOT 6: Traffic moves very slowly as heavy snow falls along Rt 55 in Lagrange.
SHOT 7: Close-up shot of a snow plow clearing a parking lot.
SHOT 8: Sparse traffic braves the treacherous Taconic State Parkway during heavy snow.
SHOT 9 – 11: Snow plows passing by as heavy snow falls.