Rice Lake, WI Car Recovery From Thin Ice – 1/27/2017

Another vehicle recovery on Rice Lake this morning. This time it was on the other side of the lake. This car went through the ice by open water yesterday morning around 7:30.
Shot Description

Clip 1. Car in the water.
Clip 2. The crew moving the vehicle recovery equipment into place.
Clip 3. A diver getting ready to enter the chilly waters.
Clip 4-5. The crew hooking up the car.
Clip 6. A chunk of ice that broke off the main ice sheet floating away.
Clip 7-8. The team is removing the thinner ice.
Clip 9-14. The crew pulling the car out of the water.
Clip 15. The car is now on the ice.
Clip 16. The crew is removing the recovery equipment.
Clip 17- 18. Car is on better ice ready to be towed to shore.
Clip 19. The car being towed towards the shore.