Clear Lake, IA – Winter Storm & Heavy Snow Warning – 1/24/2017

Winter storm impacts the Midwest on January 24, 2017 causing horrible travel conditions. Heavy wet snow and high winds caused a winter storm warning to be issued.
Shot Description

Shot 1: Very heavy snowfall traveling northbound on I-35
Shot 2: American flag with heavy snowfall
Shot 3-4: Semi's and traffic getting off of I-35
Shot 5: Semi spinning tires getting onto road.
Shot 6: Person entering gas station during heavy snow
Shot 7: Gas pumps caked in heavy wet snow
Shot 8-10: Truck plows local gas station
Shot 11: Iowa DOT puts de icing solution on roadways
Shot 12: Huge snowflakes falling over I-35 slows traffic
Shot 13: Beautiful snow falls in front of trees
Shot 14-15: Iowa DOT sign warns drivers of Winter Storm Warning