Lindenhurst, NY – Noreaster & Storm Surge – 1/23/2017

Nor'easter Storm Surge floods coastal neighborhoods of Lindenhurst, NY including areas still recovering from 2012 Superstorm Sandy and area is battered with high winds with Hurricane Wind Warning in place. Footage of flooded neighborhoods, utility crews working on wind damaged traffic lights, snapped powerlines blowing in wind, crashing Bay waves.

All footage shot in/near Lindenhurst, NY during evening daylight and darkness on January 23, 2017 by Meteorologist Simon Brewer.

Shot Description

Shot List:

1-5. Various shots of storm surge flooded neighborhood in Lindenhurst, NY

6-8. shots of utility crews working on wind-damaged traffic light in Lindenhurst, NY

9 & 10. high winds and rising water threatens home

11. pushed-in shot of reeds blowing in high winds

12. snapped powerline blowing in high winds in Lindenhurst

13-20. Various shots of storm surge and small bayside waves flooding neighborhoods in Lindenhurst, NY

21-37. Various shots of storm surge flooded neighborhoods in Lindenhurst, NY