Benton, IL Ice Storm Prep Schools – 1/13/2017

Ice storm warnings and freezing rain advisories are in effect for much of southern Illinois through Friday as a large winter storm is bringing not snow, but ice to the central part of the country. In Illinois, many schools announced closings ahead of the icing event, giving students and teachers a four day holiday weekend. Several area schools put the message out in goofy, yet fun voice messages in districts across southern Illinois.

Prep work also continued into the morning as freezing rain moved in around and just after daybreak along the I-57 corridor in southern Illinois with a quick glazing of ice on cars, trees, and other objects, but road treatments from IDOT kept roads from freezing early in the storm. Salt crews were out in force in the morning to get ahead of the pending ice event.

Video shot in the town of Benton and along I-57 around Benton, which is roughly an hour and a half east/southwest of St. Louis, MO.
Shot Description

Scene 1: Shot of cell phone playing message from Desoto, IL Grade School of an administrator leaving a voice message for parents of students notifying them of the day off on Friday due to ice. The message was done in a Vanilla Ice rap of sorts, worth a listen and great NAT Sound.

Scene 2-3: Shots of a school speed limit sign with ice on it.

Scene 4: Wide shot of several school buses parked with a glaze of ice on them as kids are out of school because of the ice.

Scene 5: Shot of frozen mirror with school bus visible in the ice reflection.

Scene 6-9: Various tighter shots of school buses with ice hanging from the stop sign and lights as well as ice covering the windshield.

Scene 10-13: Shots of an empty school playground with the equipment coated in a thin layer of ice.

Scene 14: POV driving shot passing a plow in the center median just as the storm begins early in the daylight hours.

Scene 15-19: Various right shots of salt trucks dropping salt on I-57 in preparation for the storm's arrival.

Scene 20-21: POV driving shots on I-57 of limited visibility due to falling freezing rain and vehicle splashback.

Scene 22-23: Shots of tree branches encased in ice.

Scene 24-25: Shots of ice coating a car.

Scene 26: Shot of small icicles on a road sign.