Scituate, MA Extreme Blizzard Conditions – 1/7/2017

Heavy snow and winds gusting to over 40mph created blizzard conditions in eastern coastal MA, in the town of Scituate.
Shot Description

SHOT 1-3: People struggling against blizzard conditions in Scituate MA.
SHOT 4-8: Blizzard conditions showing heavy blowing snow at the Scituate Lighthouse & seawall.
SHOT 9-10: Plows & traffic carefully navigating the snowy streets of Scituate MA.
SHOT 11: A plow truck operator struggles to unclog the salt spreader on his truck.
SHOT 12: Downtown Scituate MA with blizzard conditions.
SHOT 13: POV shot driving down I-90 towards Boston in heavy snow.
SHOT 14: Scituate Harbor with a flag whipping in the wind.
SHOT 15: Scituate Harbor with waves crashing against the seawall.
SHOT 16: A person walking through the heavy blowing snow.