Plymouth, MA Evening Blizzard Conditions – 1/7/2017

Blizzard conditions affect the coastal town of Plymouth MA in the evening. Shots of heavy blowing snow, people struggling against the conditions, snow plows, some artistic shots.
Shot Description

SHOT 1: A snow plow passes by during blizzard conditions.
SHOT 2: A couple walking down the street gets hit by a strong gust of wind & snow.
SHOT 3: A truck disappears into the blowing snow.
SHOT 4: A person walking across the street in blizzard conditions.
SHOT 5 & 6: General shots of the street during blizzard conditions, with a snow plow.
SHOT 7: A person shoveling snow on a windy sidewalk.
SHOT 8: A person using a snowblower to clear the sidewalk.
SHOT 9 & 10: Artistic shots of blowing snow.
SHOT 11: Following a snow plow on a treacherous Hwy 3 near Plytmouth MA.
SHOT 12 & 13: The strong winds whipping flags.