Burlington, NC Winter Storm & Heavy Snow – 1/6/2017

Powerful winter storm slams Southeast! Footage of car in ditch with emergency assistance, car in front yard in Burlington, NC neighborhood after sliding off road, very heavy snow with traffic, slow motion snow shot. Near white-out conditions.

All footage shot in Burlington, NC during evening darkness on January 6, 2017 by Meteorologist Simon Brewer
Shot Description

Shot List:

1. driving shot of electronic "Winter Weather Warning" highway sign on I-40 with heavy snow falling and traffic in Burlington, NC

2. shot of car wrecked in ditch after sliding off snowy I-40 with emergency assistance and passing traffic in Burlington, NC

3. POV shot of car in person's front yard after sliding off snow-covered road in neighborhood in Burlington, NC

4. pushed-in shot of police car and traffic passing on road with very heavy snow falling in downtown Burlington NC

5. wide shot of very heavy snow falling in light in Burlington, NC

6. SLOW MOTION shot of very heavy snow falling in light

7-9. Shots of traffic on snow-covered road in downtown Burlington NC

10. pushed-in shot of heavy snow falling around traffic light in Burlington NC

11 & 12. shots of traffic at snow-covered intersection in Burlington NC

13-15. shots of traffic on snow-covered Interstate 40 (I-40) in Burlington, NC

16-18. POV driving shots of very heavy snow with very low almost "white out" visibility in Burlington, NC on I-40

19. pushed-in shot of snow falling around truckstop sign lights

20. pushed-in shot of snow falling around street light

21-24. POV driving shots with traffic on snow-covered I-40 with heavy snow falling in Burlington, NC