Carbondale, IL First Snow & Lots Of Accidents – 1/5/2017

The first snow of the 16/17 snow season finally hit southern IL during the early morning hours of Thursday. Snow accumulations were light, but were enough to make roads hazardous leading to numerous spin outs and accidents. The National Weather Service had a Winter Weather Advisory in effect for the area as the snow fell. Another round is expected during the afternoon hours on Thursday after the first wave moved out by late morning.

This storm system is part of a larger storm bringing hazardous winter weather to a large part of the country.

Carbondale is located approximately 2 hours southeast of St. Louis in southern Illinois.
Shot Description

Scenes 1-5: Accident scene in downtown Carbondale where a vehicle turning onto Poplar St from Walnut St. slid off the road and into the front yard of a house. Police on scene looking over the vehicle with the occupants standing outside the car.

Scenes 6-9: Shot of a pickup truck that slid off the road into a ditch. Opens with shot approaching from behind, then shots of car trying to get out of ditch, last two shots include people around the truck.

Scenes 10-11: Shots of a pickup truck that slid off a road into a speed limit sign. The sign is leaning at a 45-degree angle as the guy looks at his tire.

Scenes 12-15: Shots of a pickup truck that crashed into a deep ditch, various angles of the truck.

Scene 16: Police car pulling in front of a tow truck that had pulled a school bus from the ditch.

Scenes 17-18: POV driving shot following a snow plow on the highway outside of Carbondale.

Scenes 19-21: POV driving shots of traffic driving in falling snow along Rt. 13 outside Carbondale.

Scene 22: POV driving shot of oncoming school bus on Rt. 13.

Scene 23: POV driving shot following a school bus in the falling snow.

Scene 24-29: Shots of traffic in Carbondale as the snow falls.

Scene 30: POV driving shot downa a Carbondale road completely covered in snow.

Scene 31: Shot of snow falling against trees.