Adams, NY Overnight Extreme Blizzard – 1/4/2016

Lake effect snow creates extreme whiteout conditions along I-81 on the eastern shores of Lake Ontario.
Shot Description

Shots 1 & 2: Complete whiteout conditions on I-81 as traffic slows to a crawl.
Shots 3 – 5: Car stuck on the side of the road in heavy snow with hazard lights on.
Shot 6: Snow plows pulling off an exit from I-81 in near whiteout conditions.
Shots 7 & 8: Backlighted blizzard conditions in Adams NY. Emergency vehicle patrols the area with caution lights.
Shot 9 – 11: Whiteout conditions on I-81, shot through windshield.
Shot 12: Moderate snow falling with flag blowing in the wind.