Fargo, ND Intense Early AM Heavy Snow – 1/2/2017

Video Footage of the Most Intense 2" Per Hour Heavy Snow Fall Slamming in the Fargo Metroplex just before and during sunrise this Monday Morning, Video Highlights the Intense Snow's impacts on morning travel and the first business day after the Holiday break!
Shot Description

Clip 1 ND-DOT Travel Alert Sign on I-94 in Fargo, indicating Icy roadways with 2 inch per hour snow fall in the shot with the sign and traffic crawling in the near 10 inches on the Interstate 94.

Clip 2. Close up of Interstate I-94 / I-29 major road signs with ultra intense heavy snow and slow impacted traffic and plows!

Clip 3. Huge Snow Blower fights to ingest the near 1 foot of fresh snow, Close up POV.

Clip 4. Massive Tandem Tow Plow Fights through 2 foot snow drifts to clear a path on Interstate I-29 south of Fargo North Dakota.

Clip 5-7. Various slow and sliding traffic and cars on Interstate I-94 in West Fargo.

Clip 8. Cars Buried up to the doors in 10 inches of fresh heavy snow with snow bursting in the shot!

Clip 9. Close Tandem Snow plow pass-by POV.

Clip 10-14. Close POV's of tandem snow plows in white out conditions near Fargo airport.

Clip 15. Cars driving and getting stuck in Fargo North Dakota.