New England BomboGenesis Weather Event – 12/29/2016

Wrecked cars from snow-covered roads, traffic in heavy snow, police assisting stuck vehicles, pedestrians fighting through snow from powerful Nor'easter hammering New England. The surface pressure off the coast has fallen so fast it's called a meteorological "bomb". "Bombogenesis" occurs when the pressure in a surface low pressure system drops 24 or more millibars in 24 hours or less. This is a powerful storm to go through "bombogenesis" off the coast of New England.

All footage shot between Lowell, MA and Derry, NH on December 29, 2016 during evening daylight and darkness by Meteorologist Simon Brewer
Shot Description

Shot List:

1. POV driving shot of police SUV passing through heavy slow moving traffic on snow-covered I-495 near Lowell, MA

2 & 3. Passing shots of car wrecked in ditch after sliding off snow-covered I-495 with police assistance near Lowell, MA

4 & 5. multiple cars sliding on slick snow-covered hilly road near Lowell, MA

6-8. Various shots of man trying to push and free wrecked and stuck car on edge of I-93 near Derry, NH

9 & 10. passing shot of police helping in a multiple car accident on I-93 in Derry, NH

11. POV shot of police assisting stranded cars on snow-covered I-93 in Derry, NH with heavy snow falling

12 & 13. shots of tow truck assisting a wrecked car in a ditch on I-93 after sliding off snow-covered road in Derry, NH

14-16. Various shots of traffic on snow-covered I-93 with heavy snow falling near Derry, NH

17. pushed-in shot of traffic in Derry, NH with heavy snow falling

18 & 19. pushed-in shots of pedestrians walking through heavy falling snow in Lowell, MA

20. pushed-in shot of heavy snow falling on traffic in Lowell, MA

21. POV driving shot of traffic on I-495 near Lowell, MA with heavy snow falling

22. Passing shot of snow-covered trees near Lowell, MA

23. POV shots of snow plows clearing I-93 near Derry, NH

24-26 shot of HUGE snow flakes falling near Derry, NH

27. SLOW MOTION shot of huge snow flake falling in Derry, NH

28. pushed-in shot of heavy snow and street light in Derry, NH

29. wide shot of heavy snow and gas station in Derry, NH

30. POV shot of very heavy snow on I-93 in Derry, NH

31 & 32. Shots of very heavy snow in Derry, NH

33. pushed-in shot of man walking in very heavy snow in Derry, NH

34. shot of car in parking lot with very heavy snow falling in Derry, NH

35-37. POV driving shots of snow-covered roads in Lowell, MA