Grand Forks, ND area Icy Roads And Car Wrecks – 12/25/2016

Video Footage of the Glaze Ice Conditions,Blowing Snow and Dangerous Travel that quickly developed at first light on this Christmas Day Morning across Eastern North Dakota causing dozens of multi vehicle crashes and spin-outs as Travelers make their way to holiday Festivities.
Shot Description

Clip 1. Date Time and 17 degree freezing temperature digital sign.

Clip 2. Interstate I-29 and Fargo Road Sign with high winds shaking the sign and bending the tree right next to it.

Clip 3-4. Wide and tight POV of 2 car crash on Interstate I-29 near Grand Forks ND.

Clip 5-6 Smashed vehicle sideways into an SUV with major door damage and parts laying on the shiny glaze ice highway with Police on the scene.

Clip 7. High winds and Blowing Snow begin to move into the Red River Valley region and visibility lessens.

Clip 8-9. Trucks pass in low visibility and light blowing snow across roads near Hilsboro North Dakota.

Clip 10. Traffic driving on Icy Road with ice and Snow Mix falling.

Clip 11. Snow,Sleet,Freezing Rain Mix falling against a dark wood lot background.

Clip 12. Sand/Salt Truck treating I-29 in North Dakota.

Clip 13-14. Close POV of North Dakota Sand/Salt Truck spreading huge amounts of Sand and Salt onto Glaze Ice Covered Bridge Decks.

Clip 15. Large Flag whips in the strengthening East Winds as the Storm begins.