Twin Cities Bitter Cold & Snow Cleanup – 12/17/2016

Video Footage of Major Snow Removal and Clean-Up efforts well underway in the Bitter Cold Air taking hold over the Twin Cities Metro Area in Minnesota behind a Significant Snow Storm!
Shot Description

Clip 1. Large 4 unit Gang Plow Rig Plowing Interstate 35 in Minneapolis Close POV!

Clip 2. Close POV of Salt Truck dropping Salt and chemicals on the roadway in Minneapolis.

Clip 3. Close POV of Large heavy Snow Plow plowing and salting in St.Paul MN.

Clip 4. Close POV of Wing Plow Blade in Blowing Snow and poor Visibility.

Clip 5. Multi Snow Plows approaching the Camera POV.

Clip 6. Man Snow shoveling deep snow of off stairs dressed for severe Cold.

Clip 7. Close POV of Yellow Snow Blade removing snow from Minneapolis sidewalk.

Clip 8. Man with Huge snowblower moving snow with 2 other snowblowers right behind him in a multi effort!

Clip 9. Close Snowblower unit POV.

Clip 10. Man and kids dressed with near zero exposed skin with face masks shovel snow.