Southern Illinois Ice Storm Injury Crashes – 12/17/2016

Part of a large storm system hammered parts of the Midwest Saturday evening, including southern Illinois where extreme southern parts were under a WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY and a TORNADO WATCH for a brief period Saturday afternoon. While severe weather was ongoing just to the south, icing conditons began to take over north of the front where freezing drizzle and high winds lead to icing conditions and wind chills below zero.

Video package opens up in Jackson County on IL-149 a mile west of the town of Hurst where a two-vehicle crashed occurred due to roads icing over. There were five people in the van, including two children. One passenger was taken to the hospital while the other four occupants, including the children, were treated at the scene but okay.

Second accident was in Williamson County in Carterville where an SUV slid off the road and into a fence. Driver was not seriously injured.

Rest of video package includes footage of freezing drizzle and wind icing cars.
Shot Description


Scene 1: Shot of minvan in a ditch after colliding with another car due to ice on the road. Ambulance in foreground.

Scene 2: Shot of minvan from behind with EMS crews working with an occupant on a stretcher. Ambulance sits off to the side.

Scene 3: Shot from the side of the van in the ditch with the ambulance in the background.

Scene 4: Tight shot of the van in the ditch.

Scene 5: Shot of an emergency worker removing debris from near the van with tow truck in foreground and ambulance in background.

Scene 6: Shot of van from behind the tow truck.

Scene 7: Shot of van from the front, ice visible on surfaces in headlights of tow truck.

Scene 8: Shot of the second vehicle, a car, as a tow truck passes behind it.

Scene 9: Wide shot of tow truck, ambulance, and the van in the ditch.

Scene 10: Shot of the car, its front driver side wheel completely gone.

Scene 11: Shot of the car from the front with police in background.

Scene 12: Shot of ambulance with van behind it in the ditch.

Scene 13: Shot of emergency crews on the scene of the accident, icy shine on the pavement in the headlights.

Scene 14: Shot of oncoming traffic with damage car in the background.


Scene 15: Williamson County Crash Scene, panning shot over to SUV on tow truck, showing fence in background.

Scene 16: Shot of SUV on tow truck with fence is went through in background.

Scene 17: Shot of the damaged fence and tire treads in the grass.

Scene 18: Shot of police car in foreground and SUV on tow truck in background.

Scene 19: Panning shot of emergency vehicles leaving scene as tow truck pulls away with crashed SUV.


Scene 20-22: Shots of freezing drizzle blowing in the wind of street lights.

Scene 23: Traffic turning through an intersection in freezing drizzle.

Scene 24: Shot of a tree blowing in the wind that lead to sub-zero wind chills, drizzle blowing by in a light.

Scene 25-26: Shots from inside a car with ice over the windshield and wipers trying to clear it off.

Scene 27-31: Various shots of ice-covered cars.

Scene 32: POV driving shot in freezing drizzle