Heavy Snow on Interstate 94 from Ann Arbor, MI to Battle Creek, MI – 12/14/2016

Moderate to heavy snow squalls slowed traffic to a crawl at times along Interstate 94 between Washtenaw, Calhoun and Kalamazoo Counties in Southwest & South-Central Lower Michigan Wednesday evening. Numerous vehicles ended up stuck in the median as white out and slick road conditions prevailed. This video begins south of the Ann Arbor area (off I-94), and continues on a visual tour into Calhoun and Kalamazoo Counties.
Shot Description

00:00 ~ 00:42 Various tripoded wide, medium, and tight shots of heavy snowfall and passing traffic, off Interstate 94, south of Ann Arbor, MI.

00:43 ~ 00:49 Tripoded snowfall shot with street lamp, wide, tight.

00:50 ~ 00:59 Vehicle off the road, assisted by a tow-truck and Michigan State Police; backed up traffic on eastbound I-94, Washtenaw Co.

00:59 ~ 01:07 Passing plow/sand trucks on west & eastbound I-94, tight, medium.

01:07 ~ 01:09 Mobile, stable shot of "slippery road conditions, reduce travel speeds" sign on I-94.

01:10 ~ 01:26 Assorted shots of deteriorating road and visibility conditions on westbound I-94 in Calhoun Co.

01:27 ~ 01:38 Mobile stable shots of vehicles on westbound I-94 undergoing poor travel conditions, tight of tires and hazards, additional medium/wide.