Kalamazoo, MI & Mattawan MI System Snow Cleanup – 12/11/2016

Extended rounds of snowfall blanketed West Michigan with amounts between 6-9 inches anticipated through Monday morning. Snow covered and slippery road conditions were the norm across Interstate 94 along with most of Kalamazoo/Van Buren Counties. Video showcases snowfall, visuals of accumulation, slow going to average road travel, and snow cleaning crews.
Shot Description

0:00 ~ 0:05 Rural road conditions, Mattawan, driving shot, medium.

0:05 ~ 0:08 Winter Storm Warning and travel conditions sign, I-94, driving, tight.

0:08 ~ 0:15 Conditions on Interstate 94, eastbound, driving, wide/med.

0:15 ~ 0:18 Kalamazoo city limits sign juxtaposed with stopped, moving traffic and snowfall, Medium.

0:19 ~ 0:21 Sloppy roads and stopped traffic, tight.

0:22 ~ 0:37 Oncoming traffic with moderate snow, sloppy roads, outside upshot tight, medium, wide/tight of vehicles/tires; all w/ good nats. of traffic passing.

0:37 ~ 0:48 Oncoming traffic with moderate snow, medium shot. w/ good nats.

0:49 ~ 0:55 Wide shots of Bobcat clearing parking lot, with good hats.

0:55 ~ 1:08 Approaching Bobcat pushing snow into large pile, med to tight and reversal, good nats.

1:09 ~ 1:19 Snow accumulation at Mattawan deck and trees, wide/med/tight.

1:20 ~ 1:25 Gas station attendant clearing snow, Mattawan, medium.

1:26 ~ 1:33 Additional Interstate 94 medium and wide shots with snowfall/driving conditions.