Redfield, NY Extreme Lake Effect Snow – 12/8/2016

Footage of deep snow with heavy snow falling in Redfield, NY from strong lake effect snow storm. 18 inches of snow measured north of Redfield, NY! Deep snow, dangerous driving conditions, whiteouts.

All footage shot in/near Redfield, NY during evening darkness on December 8, 2016 by meteorologist Simon Brewer.
Shot Description

Shot List:

1. near white out conditions in Redfield, NY, can barely see out windshield in Redfield, NY

2. shot of heavy snow and snow-covered trees in Redfield, NY

3. shot of heavy snow falling around a car on a snow-covered road panning to dark, snowy road in Redfield, NY

4. Meteorologist Simon Brewer walks through deep snow taking snow depth measurements near Redfield, NY

5. heavy wet snow taking down large tree limbs in Redfield, NY

6. POV shot of a snow plow clearing a deep snow covered-road in Redfield, NY

7 & 8. shots of "Redfield Square" sign with heavy snow falling in Redfield, NY

9-12. various shots of Redfield, NY town covered in snow with heavy snow falling

13-17. various shots of heavy snow falling at gas station and costumers near Redfield, NY

18-22. various POV shots of trucks, cars, and snow plows on snow-covered highway with heavy snow falling near Redfield, NY

23 & 24. Pushed-in shots of traffic driving through Redfield, NY with heavy snow falling

25-27. shots of heavy snow falling and blowing from high winds near Redfield, NY

28. pushed-in shot of truck "fish-tailing" or sliding on slick snow-covered roads near Redfield, NY

29. pushed-in shot of a pedestrian walking through heavy snow

30. POV shot of car in very heavy snow on snow-covered highway