Gilbert, AZ Christmas At Comstock – 12/4/2016

"Christmas at Comstock" event in the Phoenix area.

A Christmas event in the Phoenix area attracts thousands of visitors a day, creating massive traffic jams in the area as cars line up for miles to see the 13 homes and synchronized lighting between them. More than 110,000 lights, 50,000 feet of wire, 300-plus strobes, and various snow machines and other attractions spread out among 13 adjacent homes. "Christmas on Comstock" won the $50,000 grand prize during ABC'S "The Great Christmas Light Fight" last year.

Temperatures were slightly cool by desert standards, and folks touring the festivities were dressed up in jackets and hats and gloves. This part of a system bringing very cold temperatures and snow to the Midwest is bringing a chill into the desert areas of the southwest.
Shot Description

Opening shots establishing the location also hinting at the massive line of cars. A couple of wide shots of the street showing cars on the street, people on the sidewalks, and all the lights. A shot then walking along with a group of bundled up people down the sidewalk followed up by shots of various people out enjoying the lights, including some meeting Santa Claus, all them bundled up in winter clothing. Several shots follow of some of the homes with the lights flashing, ending with a ground shot with people walking past lights. From there, a wide shot of the street from behind as cars slowly get on to the street. THen a bunch of shots of the long line of traffic, ending the package with a driving shot of over a mile of cars backed up waiting for their turn (this could be turned into timelapse)