Rice Lake, WI Heavy Snow – 12/4/2014

Winter returns to Northwestern WI. This is our real first heavy snow fall of the session.
Shot Description

Clip 1. Heavy snow falling with snow covered geese.
Clip 2. Looking across the river with heavy snow falling.
Clip 3. Heavy snow falling with snow covered trees and yard light.
Clip 4. Snow covered windshield on a truck.
Clip 5. Someone clearing snow from his van.
Clip 6. Looking at a snow covered road.
Clip 7. Heavy snow falling with snow covered mailbox.
Clip 8. Snow blowing off a roof.
Clip 9. Someone shoveling snow off of a deck.
Clip 10. Bank temp.
Clip 11. Traffic driving on slush covered main street in Rice Lake.
Clip 12. Snow covered traffic light.
Clip 13- 15 Traffic driving on snow/slush covered main street. Tires kicking up slush.
Clip 16. Snow covered pine branches with people walking in the background.
Clip 17. Closer shot of the pine branches.
Clip 18. Looking across a river with heavy snow falling, along with foggy conditions.
Clip 19. A really tight shot of snow covered pine branches.