Alberta MN Heavy Freezing Fog And Ice – 11/27/2016

Video Footage of very widespread Dense Heavy Freezing Fog and Ice wreaking havoc of post holiday travelers as airports halt operations and roads become glazed in ice as the Fog freezes to every surface including the road and vehicles!
Shot Description

1. Extremely Dense Thick fog rolling over a Minnesota Highway with marker ID in view.

2. A Truck suddenly appears out of a blinding thick wall of Fog on a Minnesota highway and is not visible till the last moments even though you can hear it approaching the camera!

3. A Truck quickly disappears out of view from the camera in the Freezing fog!

4. Ice Covered Roads in dense freezing Fog with slow low visibility travelers passing by.

5. A Flag barely visible in the freezing Fog.

6. Trees covered in a thick 1/2" coating of Fog Ice!

7-11. Trees and flags covered and encased in thick Fog Ice accumulations.

12. Bank Thermometer reading a the critical freezing point in the dense thick Fog.

13. Car Passes by in extensive widespread Fog on Icey Roads.