Minneapolis, MN Winter Holiday Travel Troubles – 11/23/2016

Footage from Minneapolis/St.Paul Minnesota as Holiday Travelers slide into the ditch and hit trees as well as Major Airport Delays as airplanes get De-Iced in Snow and Fog!
Shot Description

1. MSP Airport Heavy Aircraft De-Icing Operations on the busiest travel day of the year!

2. Tight POV from Runway side of airplanes getting De-Iced and snow blown off the wings and tail.

3-4. Airport snow delay ground operations in Minneapolis MN.

5. Airplane takes off in Heavy Fog and Snow!

6. Car off road into ditch.

7. Car off road into large Tree in Snow and Ice with Trooper helping.

8-10. Vehicle off road with Flat Tow on scene and getting pulled out of deep snowbank.

11. Heavy Slow Traffic exiting the Twin Cities in snow and Ice.

12. MNDOT Snow Plow plowing interstate 35.

13-16. Snowplow wide and tight POV laying chemicals and de-ice salts.

17. Man struggling to shovel heavy wet snow!