Bergen, NY Extreme Lake Effect Snow Storm PM – 11/20/2016

Footage of tractor trailers and many vehicles stranded off Highway near Bergen, NY from treacherous snow-covered I-90 with heavy snow falling. Very high winds rushing cold air over abnormally warm Lake Ontario created a huge heavy lake effect snow band over Bergen and Rochester, NY. Lake Effect snow warnings are in place over most of Upstate, NY as 1-3 feet of snow is expected to fall over the region into Tuesday.

All footage shot during evening daylight and darkness on November 20, 2016 in/near Bergen, NY by Meteorologist Simon Brewer.
Shot Description

Shot List:

1. Pov driving shot of salt truck/snowplow clearing on ramp onto I-90 with snow falling

2-4. various shots of a large tractor trailer in ditch on side of I-90 after sliding off treacherous snow-covered highway

5-7. POV shots of several cars involved in a collision on interstate from heavy snow

8. POV driving shot of tractor trailer on side of highway from treacherous driving conditions

9 & 10. shots of car smashed into guard rail off highway after sliding of roadway from heavy snow

11. shot of Electronic "Lake Effect Snow Warning" highway sign over I-90 in upstate New York with heavy snow falling near Bergen, NY

12. shot of electric temperature/time sign ( 28 deg F) in Bergen, NY

13-19. Various shots of vehicles in ditches on side of I-90 from sliding off snow-covered highway.

20. shot of man and dog going for walk in heavy lake effect snow storm near Bergen, NY

21. wide shot of high winds blowing heavy falling snow near Bergen, NY

22 & 23. pushed-in shots of traffic driving through heavy snow on I-90 near Bergen, NY

24. POV driving shot of multicar accident from heavy snow on I-90

25. wide shot of heavy snow and high winds near Bergen, NY

26-28. Various shots of vehicles in ditches wrecked from heavy snow.

29. POV driving shot of snow plow on I-90

30. pushed-in shot of high winds blowing snow and small American Flags

31. shot of businesses and high winds blowing heavy falling snow in Batavia, NY near Bergen, NY

32. POV shot of very heavy snow on highway near Bergen, NY

33. shot of main road in Bergen, NY with heavy snow falling

34. shot looking down on snow-covered I-90 near Bergen, NY

35. shot of car in ditch on I-90 from heavy snow