Kalamazoo, MI WMU Game Lake Effect Snow Storm – 11/19/2016

Western Michigan University Bronco fans assembled for the pre-football game day show festivities on the Kalamazoo campus as moderate to heavy lake-effect snow fell across the majority of Southwest Lower Michigan. Anywhere from a dusting to 2 inches had accumulated prior to Noon. This was the first snowfall in Kalamazoo County kicking off winter 2016-17 ushered in by the passage of a strong low pressure system. Traffic moved along at a standard pace as roads were primarily wet, not slick. Video concludes with the sun being obscured by lake-effect snow bands.
Shot Description

1) WMU Flag (tight) blowing in the strong northwesterly winds and moderate snow.

2) People walking with traffic moving about on Western Michigan University campus.

3) Large fan gathering in the high winds and (then) light snow for WMU game day on Kalamazoo campus. Flag blowing in the breeze.

4) W/M/T shots of people huddled around campus for the game-day pre show.

5) Rack focus show of grasses blowing/people walking, blurred to focus with snowfall.

6) Snow juxtaposed against WMU East Campus building.

7) Snow accumulation on vehicles (wide/tight)

8) Moderate/heavy snowfall on WMU campus

9) Vehicles driving while snowing (wide/med/tight)

10) Snow falling and accumulation on fields, house.

11) Sun being observed by lake-effect snow.