Anna, IL Lightning and Rain After Dark – 10/26/2016

A very dry October caught a little bit of a break with a line of storms that moved through on Wednesday evening, dumping more rain in an hour than most of southern Illinois had seen total in over a month. Rainfall amounts were generally under 0.75-inch and with it, brought some lightning, which also has been scarce. Temperatures are expected to cool into the 60s on Thursday behind this front, but weekend highs will jump upwards of 15-degrees above normal, expected in the lower 80s.

Video shot in Anna, Illinois in Union County, about two hours south of St Louis and about 20 minutes south of Carbondale.

Video shot and rendered in 4K.

Shot List:
Scene 1: Bright lightning strike over a car wash building.

Scene 2: Bright lightning strike over car wash building with passing traffic.

Scene 3: Lightning flash in the clouds over passing semi truck.

Scene 4: Lightning flash in the clouds.

Scene 5: POV driving shot on US-51 on the south side of Anna in the rain with passing traffic and a flash of lightning.

Scene 6: POV driving shot of oncoming traffic in the rain.

Scene 7: Heavy rain and wind falling through a street light.

Scene 8: Traffic pulling out of a parking lot in the rain.

Scene 9: Panning shot of a car driving through the rain in parking lot.

Scene 10: Long shot of two cars in the parking lot with heavy rain falling.

Scene 11: Rain falling through street light.

Scene 12: A man and his son run through a parking lot in the rain.

Scene 13: Woman loading car in front of store and running to get into the vehicle in the rain.