High Winds & Fall Chill move into New York City – 10/22/2016

People out and about, bundled up from high winds and falling temperatures in New York City, on a cold Fall day.
Shot Description

1- High winds create choppy waters and white caps on the Hudson River. The Statue Of Liberty stands tall in the background.
2- A group of women dressed in formal wear shiver as high winds buffet lower Manhattan.
3 & 4- New Yorkers feeling the fall chill, get blasted by strong winds on Whitehall Street, in lower Manhattan.
5- Tourists sitting on the top deck of a sight seeing bus are blasted by strong winds and cold temperatures on Whitehall Street, in lower Manhattan.
6- A woman bundled up from the chilly fall weather, rents a Citibike in lower Manhattan.
7, 8 & 9- Street signs, trees and traffic lights are blown around by high winds in lower Manhattan.
10- A sail boat on the Hudson River, navigates strong winds and choppy waters. The Status Of Liberty can be seen in the background.
11- Waves crash up against a dock in Lower Manhattan. The Staten Island Ferry sits docked in the background.
12- High winds blow flags around, the Freedom Tower stands tall in the background.
13- Traffic lights & flags are blown around in high winds.
14- A group of people leaving a wedding, are buffeted by strong winds and chilly temperatures in lower Manhattan.
15, 16, 17, 18 & 19- People out and about bundled up from the chilly weather and strong winds head towards the Staten Island Ferry terminal in lower Manhattan.