Clinton County, PA Severe Storms Power Outages – 10/20/2016

Severe high winds from Late Fall severe storms knock out power in town of Lamar in Clinton County, PA. Footage of severe high winds, frequent close lightning, small hail, and heavy rains in Lamar, PA. Tractor Trailers and cars from I-80 in Central PA exit highway into dark town to take shelter from the severe storms.

All footage shot during evening darkness in Lamar (Clinton County) PA on October 20, 2016 by Meteorologist Simon Brewer.
Shot Description

Shot List:

1. Wide shot of lightning flashing over truck stop off I-80 in Lamar, PA as severe storm bears down on town

2. pushed-in shot of heavy rain hitting pavement at truck stop in Lamar, PA as severe storm begins to hit town

3. wide shot of high winds and heavy rain starting to hit truck stop in Lamar, PA

4-7. various shots of severe high winds slamming truck stop in Lamar, PA with lighting flashes

8. pushed-in shot of severe high winds blowing past gas pumps when power is knocked out in town of Lamar PA

9 & 10. cars exit I-80 attempting to take refuge from severe storm in dark town of Lamar with severe high winds still pummeling truck stop

11-15. Various shots of close lightning strikes with thunder and some commentary on audio at truck stop with power out in Lamar, PA