Rocky Mount NC Extreme Flooding from Hurricane Matthew – 10/9/2016

FOOTAGE of flooded homes, cars, and businesses from the "Tar River" and its tributaries in Rocky Mount, NC following the historic heavy rainfall from Hurricane Matthew.
Also shots of a "Jeep" driving through a long stretch of deep flood water.

All footage shot during evening daylight in Rocky Mount, NC on October 9, 2016 by Meteorologist Simon Brewer.
Shot Description

Shot List:

1 & 2. Shots of major road turned into a river in Rocky Mount, NC

3-6. Various shots of risky "Jeep" charging through long strip of deep flood waters while onlookers can't believe what the saw in Rocky Mount, NC

7-9. shots of homes in flood waters in Rocky Mount, NC

10. car in deep flood water in Rocky Mount, NC

11. pushed-in shot of auto shop flooded in Rocky Mount, NC

12 & 13. Shots of submerged van and floating dumpster in front of Auto Shop in Rocky Mount, NC

14-16. Various shots of raging flooded "Tar River" and old rail bridge hit from bellow by flood in Rocky Mount, NC

17. building in flood waters

18. pushed-in shot of door broken open by force of flood waters in Rocky Mount, NC

19-22. Various shots of homes and businesses flooded by Tar River in Rocky Mount, NC

23. pushed-in shot of "Paws Inn" flooded puppy kennel in Rocky Mount, NC

24. pushed-in shot of "Rocky Mount" business sign in flood water

25. shot of "Paws Inn" and "Rock Mount" signs in flood waters

26-30. Various shots of flooded businesses in Rocky Mount, NC

31. pushed-in shot of cars in flood water in Rock Mount, NC

32. wide shot of car dealership flooded in Rocky Mount, NC

33. pushed-in shot of "Jeep" in flood waters

34 & 35. Shots of businesses in deep flood water in Rocky Mount, NC

36-38. Shots of vehicles driving through flooded river over road in Rocky Mount, NC.

39 & 40. Utility crews work with basket truck to restore power to towns cut off by Hurricane Matthew

41 & 42. Shots of large tree down on powerlines and highway

44. shot of flood waters surrounding this restaurant

45. panning shot of flood waters surrounding factory and very close to I-64 in Rocky Mount, NC