Hurricane Matthew Hits The Carolina’s – NC & SC footage – 10/8/2016

Footage of cars driving through flash floods, cars trapped in flood water, homes and businesses in flood water, large snapped trees, trees on power lines, high wind damage, power flashes, high wind-driven rain, etc. Hurricane Matthew interacted with a front over North and South Carolinas causing an explosion in storm development, which intensified the pressure gradient and associated extremely high hurricane force winds over Myrtle Beach, SC and Wrightsville Beach, NC.

All footage shot in/near/between Myrtle Beach, SC and Wrightsville Beach, NC during afternoon daylight and evening darkness on October 8, 2016 by Meteorologist Simon Brewer.
Shot Description

Shot List:

SHOTS 1-36 from near/in Myrtle Beach, SC
SHOTS 37-50 from in Wrightsville Beach, NC

1 & 2. Shots of gas station fuel pump area heavily damaged by high winds near Myrtle Beach, SC

3-6. various shots of vehicles and businesses under water from flash flooding in Myrtle Beach, SC

7-10. Large mature pine trees snapped near base from very strong near to over hurricane force winds in Myrtle Beach, SC

11. Pushed-in shot of damaged fallen McDonalds sign from high winds in Myrtle Beach, SC

12-14. various shots of trucks driving through flash flood waters over Highway 17 near Myrtle Beach, SC from flash flooding

15-23. Various shots of homes and business hit by flash flooding near Myrtle Beach, SC

24-32. Various shots of large trees down on Highway 17, down on powerlines, and utility crews near/in Myrtle Beach, SC from high winds

33. Billboard knocked over from high winds near Myrtle Beach, SC

34-36. Shots of traffic lights violently swaying in high winds and traffic light destroyed on ground in Myrtle Beach, SC


37-39. Shots of EXTREME winds in Wrightsville Beach, NC

40 & 41. Shots of large powerflashes lighting sky over Wrightsville Beach, NC

42-45. Various shots of high winds and wind-driven rain in Wrightsville Beach, NC

46-50. Shots powerline sparks/short causing flame at pole and simultaneously causing lights to flicker in adjacent home in Wrightsville Beach, NC