Cocoa Beach, FL Riding Out Hurricane Matthew In 16 Story Shuttered Condo – 10/7/2016

** Use headphones **  The experience of riding out Hurricane Matthew on a 5th floor condo will full roll down shutters on all windows and sliding glass doors. This was the NW corner of a 16 story building. Haunting audio of wind and bending glass even with shutters installed. The winds sounded like this for almost 10 hours from very early Friday morning into the daytime. One can only imaging what would have happened if the eye had come well onshore.
Shot Description

1) Shot from the 16th story in the stairwell looking up a *closed hatch* roof vent. Roaring wind audio even with hatched closed.
2-6) Five shots inside the 5th floor condo capturing the audio of a fully shuttered condo (roll down shutters.) Haunting audio and bending glass panes. You can see the bending of the glass in the reflections.