Charleston, SC Flooded Homes & Streets – 10/08/2016

Footage of historic Charleston flooding from Hurricane Matthew storm surge. Many cars submerged, trees down, houses flooded, whole neighborhoods temporarily part of the Atlantic Ocean.

All footage shot during late Morning daylight on October 8, 2016 in Charleston, SC by Meteorologist Simon Brewer

Shot List:
1. large home surrounded by storm surge flooding in Charleston

2. panning shot (right to left) of homes flooded by storm surge from Hurricane Matthew

3. Various shots of partially submerged cars and flooded homes from storm surge in Charleston

4. Pushed-in shot of two young men wading through flooded neighborhood from storm surge

5. pull out then pan (left to right) of floating couch and then flooded car and home

6. pushed-in shot of floating recliner chair from flooded home in storm surge

7. pushed-in shot of flooded classic car in flooded neighborhood

8. various shots of flooded cars and homes in neighborhood inundated by Hurricane Matthew storm surge

9. COMMENTS w/ shot: "It came over your van last night? Wow!" shot of man panning right to flooded van

10. wide shot of flooded minivan in foreground and flooded homes in background

11. pushed-in shot of flooded stores from storm surge

12. shot of flooded neighborhood in Charleston

13-26. various shots of flooded, cars, homes and neighborhoods from Hurricane Matthew storm surge in Charleston, SC

27. pushed-in shot of man wading through storm surge flood water and truck driving through water next to him

28. wide shot of home in Atlantic Ocean from storm surge on "Atlantic Street"

29. shot of vehicles driving through flood waters from storm surge

30-33. various shots of "Charleston City Market" flooded by storm surge

34. business flooded by storm surge

35-37. WHIRLPOOL from city pump attempting to drain neighborhoods from storm surge

38. shot of bike chained to pole in storm surge flooding

39. shot of line of businesses flooded by storm surge

40-47. Various shots of flooded homes, cars, and neighborhoods from Hurricane Matthew storm surge in Charleston

49-51. shots of trees down in Charleston, one blocking road in old downtown Charleston