Burning and Exploding Power Lines Hurricane Matthew – 10/7/2016

Pre sunrise and footage at sunrise of the power lines burning and sparking along with storm surge in Cocoa Beach, FL
Shot Description

Clip 1 Burning power lines

Clip 2 Burning power lines

Clip 3 Burning power lines

Clip 4 Power lines sparking

Clip 5 Storm Surge

Clip 6 Storm Surge

Clip 7 Street lamps down

Clip 8 Street lamps down blocking the inter-coastal bridge

Clip 9 Exploding power lines

Clip 10-11 Hurricane force winds at the inter-coastal bridge

Clip 12 Power lines exploding overhead

Clip 13 Daylight welcome to Cocoa Beach with storm surge flooding.

Clip 14 Tight shot of Cocoa Beach sign

Clip 15 Storm Surge

Clip 16 Destroyed electronic road sign