Fall Colors along Rist Canyon – Bellvue, Colorado – 9/27/2016 – 4K

Fall Colors are peaking in the upper elevations and just starting to peak down around 8,000 feet closer into town. This video is some different scenes from Rist Canyon, west of Bellvue, Colorado.

On the Eastern Edge of the High Park Burn Scar of 2012, the aspens have rebound and make the color contrast of the burn quite dramatic for a couple weeks of the year each fall.
Shot Description

video opens with tight shot of aspens just starting to turn

goes into a panoramic of a grove of trees alongside the county road

some reds were appearing in the trees as well which is shot 3, which slowly zooms out.

shot 4 is a panoramic 180 of another aspen grove approaching peak colors.

shot 5 is a pan out of the color contrast of the trees showing the burn scar in the background.

final scene is of the burn scar with baby aspens turning yellow in the distance, zooming out to the video point of the last 2 scenes.