Powersville, MO Severe Storm and Damage – 9/19/2016

A long-track supercell developed just outside of Des Moines, Iowa and drove south all the way into northern Missouri where it brought blinding rains and damaging winds to areas across northern Missouri.

Video package shot in extreme northern Missouri in Putnam County near the town of Powersville. This is approximately 20 miles northeast of Princeton, Missouri.
Shot Description

Scenes 1-2: POV driving shots in intense wind and rain.

Scene 3: Winds whipping heavy rains through trees.

Scene 4: Tree limb hanging in power lines and blowing in the wind.

Scene 5: Wider shot of tree limb hanging from powerlines in the wind.

Scene 6: Shot of powerlines that were hanging from the pole into the ground and swaying int he wind.

Scene 7: Shot of large tree limb down in a yard.

Scene 8: Winds and rain blowing around a large silo.

Scene 9: Rain and some small hail hitting the road in headlights.

Scene 10: Traffic in the rain and some hail.

Scene 11: Rain and some hail on the pavement.

Scene 12: POV driving shot in blinding rains and wind with more daylight.

Scene 13: Rain being blown through the trees.

Scene 14-19: Various shots of the storm structure and lowerings underneath.