Chester, IL Tornado Warning followed by heavy rains – 9/16/2016

Three of the first four weeks of Friday Night Football in southern Illinois have been hammered with weather that have postponed games. Friday night, week 4 of the season, experienced weather that postponed 7 of 14 games in the southern Illinois region, including a game in Chester, Illinois between the Chester Yellow Jackets and the Sesser-Valier Red Devils that did get started 90 minutes after being under TWO different tornado warnings for storms that crossed the river and moved into the area. The game started on time at 7pm, but only got through part of the second quarter before a third round of non-severe storms moved in and ultimately postponed the game until Saturday evening.

The early storms before the game did bring some minor damage across Randolph county, and there was even a brief tornado reported on the Missouri side of the Mississippi River as the storm moved in. Isolated reports of tree and power lines down in the county, but no structural damage or injuries were reported in the storms.
Shot Description

PART 1 (0:00-1:50) Daytime tornado-warned storms just north of Chester, Illinois. This was the second round of tornado-warned storms that moved over the area, prompting the tornado warnings for Chester 90-minutes before kickoff.

Scene 1: Panning shot of storm's leading edge as it moved across Randolph County north of Chester.

Scene 2: Wall cloud over a tree line north of Chester.

Scene 3: Storm moving over a farmstead north of Chester.

Scene 4: Storm's leading edge moving north of Chester.

Scene 5-6: Shots of ragged lowered clouds as the storm moves in.

Scene 7: Low clouds racing overhead with powerlines in foreground for perspective.

Scene 8: POV driving shot following Chester emergency vehicle in rain as storm moves in.

Scene 9: Shot of grass with occasional hailstone bouncing up.

Scene 10: Shot of heavy rains and wind on the north side of Chester during the tornado warning.

Scene 11: Rain blowing off house roof during tornado warned storm on north side of Chester.

Scene 12: Rain pouring out of gutter during tornado warning on north side of Chester.

PART 2 (1:51-2:58) Shots 90 minutes after tornado warnings of the Chester/Sesser-Vailer football game played in heavy rain. It was postponed with 7:26 in second quarter when lightning got close in the area.

Scene 13: Shot of Chester Field bleachers with lightning flash in the background.

Scene 14-15: Panning shots of rain in the field lights down to the football field.

Scene 16-20: Various plays in the game during heavy rains.