Washington County, IL Wall Clouds & Severe Storm – 9/9/2016

Severe storms erupted along the I-64 corridor between St. Louis and Centralia on Friday, with several storms producing rotating wall clouds, blinding rains, and high winds as they moved across southern Illinois. This series of storms came in part to a cold front that'll be the ushering of a taste of Fall as temperatures on Saturday may be as much as 20 degrees cooler than Friday's highs.

Footage shot throughout northern Washington County, IL from I-64 north.
Shot Description

Scene 1: Wide shot of a rare view of a supercell along I-64 in Washington County (rare for southern IL for this kind of structure)

Scene 2: Shot of shelf cloud with lightning strike on right side of frame.

Scene 3: Shot of leading edge of severe storm in northern Washington County.

Scene 4: Wide shot of supercell in northern Washington County.

Scene 5: Driving shot with large wall cloud.

Scene 6: Wall cloud over northern Washington County.

Scene 7: Wide shot of supercell storm with wall cloud over a road in northern Washington County.

Scene 8: Panning shot of blue clouds near sunset in northern Washington County.

Scene 9: Tighter shot of scene 7's wall cloud with car passing by.

Scene 10: Brief condensation below wall cloud, perhaps a weak, very brief tornado.

Scene 11: POV driving shot in blinding rains.

Scene 12: POV driving shot in heavy rains.

Scene 13: Driving shot out side window of rain bands in the field.

Scene 14: Car pulling over in very heavy wind and rain as another car slowly passes.

Scene 15: Oncoming car driving through heavy rain

Scene 16: Cars passing by in heavy rains and wind

Scene 17: Shot of high winds blowing around trees at a stop sign.

Scene 18: Large tree limb in the yard of a home in Irvington, IL in Washington County.

Scene 19: (accidentally duplicated shot) Panning shot of blue clouds near sunset in northern Washington County.