Nashville, IL Lightning Strike & Building Flood – 9/9/2016

Severe storms continued into the overnight hours with a second round moving across southern Illinois overnight. One storm hammered the town of Nashville, IL (about an hour east of St. Louis) leaving behind street flooding and a building that was hit by lightning.

The Washington County Zoning Office took a strike during the storm which sent emergency crews to the scene to investigate if the building suffered any damage. No injuries were reported, and damage was minor. The lightning strike occurred as the photographer was driving by the building and a dash camera recorded the moment the strike hit as it hit just off camera on the left side of the car. The bolt was 50 feet away.
Shot Description

Scene 1: Dashcam video of the lightning strike which occurs just off-camera to the left, directly hitting the Washington County Zoning Office building less than 50 feet away.

Scene 2: Shot of firetruck arriving on scene of the lightning strike.

Scene 3: Shot of strike building with firetruck in the foreground.

Scene 4: Wide shot of Court Street with fire crews on scene.

Scene 5: Shot of a bunch of fire fighters standing near the building.

Scene 6: Firefighters with flashlights inspecting the side of the building.

Scene 7: Shot of fire crews standing at entrance to the building with firetruck in foreground.

Scene 8: Tight shot of fire fighters at building entrance.

Scene 9-13: Various shots of fire trucks and emergency vehicles on the scene.

Scene 14-15: POV driving shots through heavy rain as storms hits Nashville.

Scene 16-18: Shots of heavy rain falling in the town of Nashville in the street lights.

Scene 19-25: Various shots of traffic and semi trucks driving through flood waters in town.

Scene 26-28: Shots of cars parked in street flooding.