Hurricane Hermine Floods Siesta Key, FL – 9/1/2016

Siesta Key Beach storm surge surprises everyone as it arrives early during the noon hour as heavy squalls from Tropical Storm Hermine bring in the storm surge, high wind and heavy rain. Lots of B-Roll of storm surge, wind, rain, people in storm. Lifeguard vehicles in storm surge at the beach.
Shot Description

Clip 1 Beach Patrol driving through the storm surge.

Clip 2 People out on the beach in the storm surge next to a closed down life guard shack.

Clip 3 People checking out the high winds and storm surge from the grass on the dune.

Clip 4 People in the high winds and surge on the beach.

Clip 5 Long shot down the beach as the storm surge is overtaking over the whole coast line.

Clip 6 Someone trying to walk in the surge and high winds with a boogie board.

Clip 7 People leaving the beach.

Clip 8 More surge

Clip 9 Life guard shack in the surge.

Clip 10 Beach patrol trashing their vehicle by driving it in the salt water storm surge.

Clip 11 Someone walking to the beach wearing a garbage bag to protect them from the rain.

Clip 12 Close up of shack in the surge.

Clip 13 Swimming Warning Buoy washed on shore.

Clip 14 Storm Surge.

Clip 15 Storm Surge all the way up to the entrance of the beach.

Clip 16 Storm Surge.

Clip 17 No Swim Advisory warning sign.

Clip 18 Storm Clouds rolling in.

Clip 19 Large wave and surf.

Clip 20 Palm trees blowing in the wind.

Clip 21 Heavy rain falling.

Clip 22 Palm trees blowing in the wind.

Clip 23 Palm trees blowing in the wind.

Clip 24 Palm trees blowing in the wind.