Foley, MN Flash Flooding – 8/29/2016

Heavy rain from thunderstorms over central Minnesota cause several areas of flash flooding. In the city of Foley, MN where the residents reported they received over five inches of rain in just a couple hour's, the flash flooding was several feet deep along highway 23. Several homes reported flooding in their basements and highway 23 has been shut down until the water recedes.
Shot Description

Clip 1 Flash flooding that looks more like a river rapids over highway 23.

Clip 2 Flash flooding and a road closed sign in the water.

Clip 3 Police car blocking the road

Clip 4 Pickup truck trying to get out of the rushing water.

Clip 5 SOT with Correy Rueckert talking about how he has never seen it this bad.

Clip 6 Rushing water over the road.

Clip 7 Police and store manager walking in the rushing water.

Clip 8 People looking at the flooding while standing in the water.

Clip 9 Water filling the Casey's parking lot.

Clip 10 Several feet of water over Highway 23 as crews block the road.

Clip 11 Looking northeast at several feet of water over Highway 23.

Clip 12 Flood waters overtaking Frandsen Bank and Truck on Highway 23.

Clip 13 – 14 B-Roll of cloud lowering north of Foley, MN.

Clip 15 – 16 POV footage driving in heavy rain before the flooding