Rice Lake, WI Foggy Conditions – 8/28/2016

Dense fog advisory was issued until 9 AM this morning. This video package shows the foggy conditions shot in the city of Rice Lake, WI, and along the lake.
Shot Description

Clip 1. A person fishing off a dock in the fog.
Clip 2. Docked boats in the fog.
Clip 3. Fog moving across the bay.
Clip 4. Dew on weeds.
Clip 5. Closer shot of dew on the same weeds.
Clip 6. Island in the fog.
Clip 7. Closer shot of the same Island in the fog.
Clip 8. Looking at a dock over looking the foggy lake.
Clip 9. Closer shot of the same dock.
Clip 10. A different Island in the fog.
Clip 11. Closer view of the same Island in the fog.
Clip 12. Looking out into the main part of the lake with foggy conditions.
Clip 13. A different dock with fog.
Clip 14. A flag in the foggy conditions. Very little wind.
Clip 15. Looking South on main street of Rice Lake. Fog is slowly lifting at this time.
Clip 16. Looking North on main street with the fog.
Clip 17. Closer view of the fog in town.
Clip 18. Looking back South show more fog moving