Lancaster County, PA Storm Damage & Severe Storms – 8/16/2016

Around 4 pm on August 16th the first round of storms (some severe) pass through the south Pennsylvania areas of York and Lancaster counties. Plenty of intense lightning, very heavy rains, and intense straight line winds are in many of these storms. A second round of storms is expected later in the evening.
Shot Description

The following scenes are from the Columbia, Pa area (western Lancaster County, Pa)

Clips 1 – 6 : Heavy rains, steady & gusting winds, diminishing visibility, close lightning strike and thunder while on the phone (person on other end hears lightning strike)


The following scenes are from the Wrightsville, Pa area (eastern York County, Pa)

Clips 7 – 11 : Various views of utility pole snapped in half from damaging straight line winds, utility cables on roof of building, township worker reporting damage, tree limbs hanging on utility cables.


The following scenes are from the Maytown, Pa area (western Lancaster County, Pa / Maytown Road & Coffee Goss Road)

Clips 12 – 20 : Entire trees and huge tree branches on top of vehicles, several trailer homes, laying beside trailer homes, and blocking access to trailer homes.

Clips 21 & 22 : Section of one trailer home ripped off and laying in front of and on top of neighboring trailer home (walking / panning view)

Clip 23 : Camera on tripod raised up above fully grown cornfield to show powerful straight line wind damage to section of cornfield (panned from right to left).

Clips 24 & 25 : Tree broken off near base and on top of partially collapsed storage building, Pieces of storage building across roadway near cornfield.

Clips 26 – 28 : Big tree broken off near base, neighboring tree still standing, widening view of Maytown water tower and tree broken at base with neighboring tree still standing. (Ashley Drive & Coffee Goss Road)


The following scenes are from the Wrightsville, Pa area (eastern York County, Pa) Cool Springs Road and U.S.30 looking west towards approaching severe storm.

Clips 29 & 30 : Traffic on eastbound and westbound U.S.30 driving into and out of severe thunderstorm. Severe storm had very heavy rains, very gusty and sustained winds and great reduced visibility to traffic.